Practice Yoga in Arambol, Goa

What is yoga? This is usually the first question that’s asked by people seeking to get all their benefits and want to start practicing it. To begin to explain, I can say that yoga is a type of exercise and discipline, more than a sport, because it is not only about cultivating the body, but also the mind and soul of people. This beautiful art from India is a very common meditation practice in Hinduism that has helped millions of citizens in the world to take control of their being.

Yoga helps people to take control of their central nervous system (CNS) by helping them to stay strong. In addition, people who practice this ancient art enjoy this method and claim that it reduces stress and boosts self-esteem. Yoga combines spirituality, exercise, positive thinking, breathing and so on so that you enjoy a healthy aging. Yoga combines spirituality, exercise, positive thinking, breathing and so on so that everyone who practices it achieves a body, spiritual and mental development and thus can enjoy a productive life and a healthy aging.

Yoga has its advantages and disadvantages like everything else.

Among its benefits I can highlight the following

Strength as the asanas tone every part of the body, integral and progressive development of mind and body, resistance if regularly practiced regularly, peace, tranquility in the mind, tolerance, flexibility, self-knowledge by developing the skills necessary to understand the operation Of the mind, improves posture, gives energy, improves health and blood circulation, develops concentration and emotional stability, improved glandular functioning and deep relaxation leave one fresh and calm, the contact with the inner self gives us perspective on life and isolates the mind from alterations.

Among the disadvantages of the practice of yoga is that just like, yoga would also have a dark side, specialists have given statements about yoga is a method that can taken step by step, exist people who pretend to skip the initiation to once begin to do positions of which their body is not yet ready, and this entails that they suffer from injuries that in extreme cases can lead to being serious. The best thing for this is to put yourself in the hands of a yoga expert so that your experience in this practice is as pleasant as possible.

Meditation also forms an important part of yoga because it is the one that allows the mind to get a total state of calm and relaxation. If you are in India and want to practice yoga and meditation retreat in Goa come to us as we offer you the best environment, thanks to that we are in a mountain area, we have the perfect place to practice yoga and meditation.

More and more people are in to practice yoga around the world in search of its benefits and here we offer you the best yoga classes. We have expert yoga instructors who have high professionalism to help you start with this practice if you do not know, and if you already have your knowledge we help you to follow your evolution and discipline.

In addition to yoga we offer other recreational activities to look for when your vacations are the most satisfactory possible. For this we have dance classes available for all our guests. For this and more is that we have a perfect place for you and your family to enjoy the best vacation of their lives.


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