The different physical and recreational activities offered by Shail wooden villas.
Physical exercise is essential for the maintenance and improvement of health and prevention of diseases, this activity is the method to put more years in your life and more life in your years for all people and at any age. Most people can benefit from regular physical activity because it contributes to prolonging their life and improving their quality, and it is common for people to think that they are doing enough exercise at work, others think that their physical form is already too bad to try to recover it or are too old to start, there are also people who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or some physical disability and sometimes simply because of laziness or poor physical ability which causes individuals to become discouraged to start doing physical activity.
Physical activity gives us physiological, psychological and social benefits, which have been endorsed by scientific research around the world. There are endless ways to lead an active life with sufficient physical activity and among them the most fun is dancing,
Dancing is a great way for people of all ages and genres to keep in shape, as well as being quite entertaining, and being able to do it alone, accompanied, in a group, with music or without it, and anywhere, the Dance has many positive health benefits, performing this activity on a regular basis is an exercise that helps the heart stay strong by increasing heart rate and improving lung capacity. Body savers recommend dancing as an aerobic exercise to reduce the risks of heart disease and showed that people with heart failure who practiced dancing improved their heart health and breathing.
Dancing is one of the ways that people can really focus their sedentary lives and transform them into a healthy and productive life. What can benefit you in your emotional, mental, physical and general health when a person makes the decision to start a form of exercise usually takes into account the level of fun and recreation that it includes and the dance brings quite different with you.
Now, another aspect of dancing is to look for an environment and pleasant people to develop this activity and in Arambol Goa we have the right place called Shial wooden villas surrounded by beautiful beach. We know that not all people know how to dance, and that there are some who have more body rhythm than others, if you already know how to dance, you must choose the instructor who not only teaches you to dance, but also gives you the courage to dance, potential and if you do not know how to dance do not worry, because here we teach you and all who come, we know that it is a little difficult to achieve, and here we understand and promise to attend your needs when you want to learn to dance with us .
Of course dance classes are one of the many resources we offer, we also invite you to take yoga classes and meditation retreat at Arambol beach. Here at Shial wooden villas you can enjoy your holidays without neglecting your figure because while you practice yoga or go to dance classes or just go jogging around you can also enjoy our exclusive restaurant where we offer all kinds of national food and International healthy and low calorie.
We hope that you will be encouraged to come to our facilities in Arambol Goa, we invite you and we promise that you will live an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.


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