Beach Huts|Arambol|Goa

₹ 2,000/- Per Night..

Beach Stay

We promise that the time you spend with us in Shail, Beach Huts will be 100% satisfactory.

During your stay you can visit more famous destinations such as the Drum Circle, Sweet Water Lake and the night market.

We offer you not only the luxuries and intimacy you want for your holidays.

But we also have in an area surrounded with the activities and the most attractive places of the zone.

The beach huts in Goa, specifically in Shail are classically designed to create a relaxed atmosphere for your holiday.

Food and Entertainment

We invite you and we promise that you will live an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

If you are on holiday in Goa and interested in finding a comfortable and pleasant place.

To enjoy all these delicious national and international dishes.

I invite you to take a tour of Arambol and visit us in Shail, or rather if you are looking to stay.

In some of our beautiful and paradisaical villas and enjoy all our services and facilities.

I guarantee this is by far the best beach restaurant and bar in Goa. Come and enjoy.

Here with highly qualified kitchen staff and bar to create majestic food and drinks that you will love and will always want to return.

At Shail we invite you to give yourself the opportunity to release stress easily and have fun.

Our team is specialized in providing you with a pleasant and refreshing experience for you and your loved ones.

Through Comfortable Stay, Food, Zumba Dance, Fusion Dance and Yoga in Goa, at our Place.

Thanks to that we have a beautiful beach atmosphere for the practice of Dance, yoga and meditation.

Accompanied by our instructors you will be able to penetrate in this world of the relaxation.

Because we are able to instruct any type of person, regardless of age or gender.

Wooden Huts

All this from what I have talked about and more you can enjoy in your vacations while you delight with all the tourist attractions.

Among these are the beautiful and comfortable wooden huts which have everything you need for your rest.

The luxurious restaurant that will always be willing to offer you the best Indian and international food.

Excellent staff that will always be willing to help you and treat you as you deserve.

It should be noted that in addition to all the above mentioned attributes, all our beautiful huts have the following services.

Free Parking

Restaurant and Bar

Wardrobe, beds, table and chairs

Free Wi-Fi

Room Service

Free Entrance to Zumba Dance

Free Entrance to Fusion Dance

Definitely, Shail is the best place, if you want to visit we wait for you with open arms and we guarantee that you will not forget us.


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